Rental information

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Rental Requirements

Vehicle Type 4~9 passengers 11~12 passengers Limousine with Driver
Type of license Valid International DrivingPermit(“B”), Class 2 General Koreandriver’s license or higher Valid International DrivingPermit(“D”), Class 1 General Koreandriver’s license or higher
  • Vehicle with driver service
  • For reservation & inquiries please call +82-2-797-8000
Driver’s age Between the ages of 21 and 79 years old
(Based on pick-up date)
Between the ages of 21 and 79 years old
(Based on pick-up date)
  • International Driving Permit :Stamped on “B” type, issued by amember country of Geneva or ViennaConvention.
  • Korean Driver’s License : At least1 year after issued.(But we accept less than one year of it for foreigner)
  • USFK Motor Vehicle Operator'sPermit
  • International Driving Permit :Stamped on “D” type, issued by a member country of Geneva or Vienna Convention.
  • Korean Driver’s License : At least1 year after issued.(But we accept less than one year of it for foreigner)
  • Korean driver’s license exchanged from a foreign driver’s license is Exempted from 1 year after issued policy.
  • Holders of a USFK Motor Vehicle Operator's Permit are authorized to rent a vehicle, provided that the vehicle's capacity does not exceed the limitations specified on their USFK permit
  • Additional information regard International Driving Permit
    • EU citizens – EU International Driver’s License cannot be used in South Korea, EU IDL holders must issue an International Driving Permit to drive in Korea.
    • US citizens – International Driving Permit issued from American Automobile Association (AAA) & American Automobile Touring Alliance (AATA) is accepted.

Please refer below to mandatory documents for car rental in South Korea

  • 1. Passport
  • 2. International Driving Permit (IDP)
    • IDP should be issued by countries under Geneva or Vienna Convention.
    • You MUST carry the original copy of IDP, when you pick up the vehicle.
    • The copy, pdf, and picture of IDP is not valid for rental service.
    • IDP is valid for a period of one year from the date you enter the Republic of Korea.

    • We only accept International permit that is issued by countries under the Geneva or Vienna convention with the following Grade.
      • Grade B : Allow to drive up to 9 seats vehicle
      • Grade D : Allow to drive up to 12 seats vehicle
  • 3. Address in South Korea and contact number
  • 4. Card for payment (Must be renter’s own credit card or debit card)
  • 5. International Driving Permit Sample
  • 6. Geneva & Vienna Conventions
    Countries which are members of the Geneva Agreement
    Asia (19) Korea, New Zealand, Laos, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Australia, India, Japan, Cambodia, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Philippines, Hong Kong, Macau
    America (15) Guatemala, Dominican Republic, United States, Barbados, Venezuela, Argentina, Haiti, Ecuador, Jamaica, Chile, Canada, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, Paraguay, Peru
    Europe (37) Vatican City, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Montenegro, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, San Marino, Serbia, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Iceland, Ireland, Albania, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Georgia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, France, Finland, Hungary, Estonia, Malta
    Middle East
    & Africa (32)
    Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Niger, Lebanon, Lesotho, Rwanda, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Benin, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Syria, Sierra Leone, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Jordan, Uganda, Israel, Egypt, Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Congo, Republic of Congo, Togo, Tunisia
    Countries which are members of the Vienna Agreement
    Asia & Pacific(11) Vietnam, Mongolia, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines Pacific
    America (7) Guyana, Bahamas, Brazil, Honduras, Uruguay, Cuba, Peru
    Europe (41) Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Romania, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Monaco, Montenegro, Moldova, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, San Marino, Serbia, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Armenia, Albania, Estonia, United Kingdom, Austria, Ukraine, Italy, Georgia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Turkey, Portugal, Poland, France, Finland, Hungary
    Middle East & Africa (26) South Africa, Nigeria, Niger, Liberia, Morocco, Bahrain, Benin, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Seychelles, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Central African Republic, Zimbabwe, Cape Verde, Qatar, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Republic of Congo, Kuwait, Tunisia, Palestine
  • ※ International Driving Permit from Taiwan is valid in Korea

Rental Rate

Customer discount benefits

  • Up to 60% discount on all customers on weekdays and weekends (discount only applies to rentals over 24 hours.)
  • Free Vehicle Upgrade/ Free Rental Coupon
  • Affordable travel through the provision of various travelinformation and discount coupons.

Daily rate per rental period

Vehicle name 1~2days 3~4days 5~6days 7days~
SPARK / MORNING 105,000 95,000 89,000 84,000
RAY / ACENT 110,000 99,000 94,000 88,000
AVANTE / K3 / SM3 / VELOSTER 121,000 109,000 103,000 97,000
i30 / AVANTE HYBRID 132,000 119,000 112,000 106,000

Rental rate by hours

Vehicle name 6hours 10hours 12hours
SPARK / MORNING 59,000 76,000 84,000
RAY / ACENT 62,000 79,000 88,000
AVANTE / K3 / SM3 / VELOSTER 68,000 87,000 97,000
i30 / AVANTE HYBRID 74,000 95,000 106,000
  • The above is the representative vehicles’ rate table, to check the accurate rental rate please go to the real-time reservation menu.
  • Rates are subject to changes during high season and holidays. LOTTE rent-a-car members may receive special offers depending on membership type.

Rental Surcharge

  • Compensation for an Inoperable Vehicle
    If the vehicle is damaged from an accident attributed to the renter, the renter is responsible
    for 50% of the standard rental fee in addition to the vehicle repair cost due to revenue loss.
  • Vehicle Repair Cost
    Any cost from damages to the vehicle during rental either attributed to the renter or caused by unidentified reasons will be paid by the renter.
    Vehicle must be repaired at the designated place after consulting with LOTTE rent-a-car, except for special reasons.
  • Penalties for Violation of Traffic laws
    Renter is responsible for all penalties incurred due to violation of the Road Traffic Law such as parking violation, driving on the bus
    lane violation, not wearing seat belts etc., during rental period. Insurance coverage may partially not be provided if the accident
    occurred is caused by the violation of the Road Traffic Law.
  • Fuel Cost
    Full to Full fuel policy is applied. You must return the car with full tank, the same amount it had when you picked it up.
    If the fuel tank is not full, refueling cost will be charged.
    • When settling for refueling cost, please refer to the fuel standard rate table on the branch’s desk.

Rental Procedures

  1. 1. Visit Branch

    Please provide your reservation
    number and renter’s name to
    our staff. (For foreign customers,
    please provide your passport and
    International Driving Permit.

  2. 2. Confirm Renter’s

    After reservation is confirmed,
    the staff will prepare your
    rental agreement.

  3. 3. Payment

    After rental period, vehicle type,
    additional services etc.,
    are confirmed, please pay
    the stated rental fee.

  4. 4. Vehicle Inspection
    & Rental Agreement

    Please follow our staff to the
    parking lot where you may check the
    vehicle’s condition before being asked
    to sign the rental agreement.

Return Procedures

  1. 1. Visit Branch

    Park the vehicle, stop the engine
    at the drop-off point. Make sure
    to take all your belongings out
    from the vehicle and bring the key
    to the branch’s office.

  2. 2. Return Key

    Return the vehicle key
    to the staff.

  3. 3. Vehicle Inspection

    Please go back to the parked car
    with our staff to undergo vehicle
    inspection to check on the fuel
    level and vehicle’s overall condition.

  4. 4. Pay for Additional Fees

    You will be asked to settle any
    additional charges occurred due to late
    return, damage to the vehicle, fuel costs
    or tickets from traffic violation.

Insurance & Compensation

Accident Insurance and coverage

At LOTTE rent-a-car, we do our best to protect customers within the scope of the insurance coverage below in the event of an accident during rental.

Third Party Liability Unlimited
Property Damage 20 million KRW (per accident)
Personal Injuries 15 million KRW per person
(Driver not registered in the rental agreement is not eligible for comprehensive insurance coverage.)

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

All losses or damages to the vehicle attributable to the driver during rental is the renter’s responsibility. However, Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
offers renter the protection from financial liability for losses and damages to the vehicle.

Deductibles for Collision Damage Waiver

Customers can be protected from full liability for damages to the vehicle by paying 50,000won or 300,000won deductibles depending on their chosen CDW program.
The registration fee for each CDW program may vary.

Division Domestic Vehicle Imported Vehicle
Mainland Zero Excess 300,000won (Only one program offer)
Jeju Zero Excess Zero Excess
  • The registration fee for each type of CDW program may vary.
Additional Charge for Customer(Driver) under 26 Years Old
  • An additional fee will be charged if a driver under the age of 26 is included among the drivers.
Additional Charge table
1~2 Day 3~6 Day 7~10 Day 11~14 Day 31 Day
30,000 25,000 20,000 15,000 10,000
Vehicle Repair Cost
All damages to the vehicle, for any reason attributable to the customer during the rental period is the customer’s responsibility. When Collision Damage Waiver(CDW) is registered, if the vehicle repair cost is less than the deductible stated, the actual expense will be charged. However, if the repair cost is more than the deductible, you will only have to pay for the deductible and the rest of the expense will be waived by CDW.
Compensation for an Inoperable Vehicle

Regardless of whether or not CDW is registered, if a vehicle is inoperable due to an accident,
renter is responsible for the compensation fee for revenue loss that is 50% of the vehicle’s standard rental rate of the repair period.

1~2 Day Domestic Vehicle Imported Vehicle
Standard for claim Claims when the damage to the vehicle is more than 50% of the remaining vehicle price. (Regardless of CDW registration) Claims for revenue loss incurred from theperiod the damaged vehicle is being repaired.
Amount charge (Repair day(s) per accident) X (50% of 1 day Rental fee)
  • However, at Jeju branch, compensation fee for inoperable vehicle Is exempted for domestic vehicles if renter registered for ‘Zero Excess’ CDW program.

Other Information

  • Other Information
    • Renter is liable for all matters in relation to the violation of traffic laws.
    • If you violate any of the Road Traffic Act, you may not be able to partially or entirely benefit from the insurance coverage.
  • Fuel & Mileage
    • Renter is responsible for the fueling charge.
    • All vehicles are rented with Full-Tank and must be returned with Full-Tank. Unlimited driving mileage.
  • Extension of Contract
    • Renter must receive the branch’s prior consent to extend the contract during rental period.
    • If contract is extended, the renter is responsible for any additional fees.
    • If renter extends the rental period without LOTTE’s prior consent, the renter may not be able to benefit from the insurance coverage.
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