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Welcome to Korea! This is PERFECT driving guide for rent-a-car customers!!

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Car rental Precautions

  • International Driving Permit

    Passport and International Driving Permit(IDP) are REQUIRED for rentals.
    IDP should be issued by country under Geneva or Vienna Convention.

    ※ International Driving Permit from Taiwan is valid in Korea

    • Grade B: Allowed to drive up to nine-seater vehicle
    • Grade D: Allowed to drive up to twelve-seater vehicle
    • EU International Drivers License cannot be used in Korea, EU IDL holders must present IDP to pick up the car.
    • US citizens must issue IDP from the American Automobile Association (AAA) only.
  • Insurance

    Following is our insurance coverage

    • Third Party Liability: Unlimited
    • Property damage: 20 million KRW
    • Personal Injuries: 15 million KRW
  • Credit Card

    Credit or debit card is MANDATORY for payment. Cash is not accepted.
    Please refer to our website for more information.

  • One-Way Rental

    A customer has the freedom to return it at another branches. A car must be be rented longer than 24hours.
    Additional charge will be incurred

  • CDW (Car Damage Waiver)

    CDW is insurance program which lets you exempt from financial responsibilities in case of accidents.

    The 0 deductible option is MANDATORY for all the foreign customers.
    You can join the CDW at the moment of contract ONLY.

  • Refueling Policy

    Rental rates do not include petrol. Lotte rent-a-car generally rented with a full tank of petrol.
    If a customer does not fill the tank before return, refilling to full tank could be charged.

  • Extension of Contract

    If you need to extend the period of rental, you need to contact us prior to the end of current contract.
    Otherwise, you would not be able to covered by insurance and other coverage.

  • Compensation fee for Inoperable Vehicle

    A customer has liability for 50% of the standard rental fee during the period of repair or repurchase (incl. registration).

Tips for Driving a Car in Korea

  • Speed Camera

    Speed Cameras are all over the road in Korea. GPS system will announce when there is an upcomong speed camera. Be aware of them!

  • Left Turn Signal

    Drivers must wait for left turn signal at the traffic light. An unprotected left turn is allowed only when there is sufficient clearance between you and the opposing traffic.

  • Highway

    Drivers must receive a ticket from toll booth of departing location and paythe toll at the toll booth of destination. Toll depends on the distance of travel.Rental cars DO NOT have Hi-Pass (automated toll payment system).Please Do NOT DRIVE THROUGH BLUE MARKED LANE with Hi-Pass gateat the toll.

  • Bus lane

    There are bus lanes on the road in Korea. Bus lanes are maked with BLUELINE. Other cars cannot drive on the bus lane unless there is BROKENBLUE LINE for turns.

  • School Zone

    If you see the School Zone sigh above, please drive slowly under 30km/h and pay attention. It means there is a school nearby and students may jump into the road.

  • Parking

    Most of the time, street parking is now allowed unless there is parking sopt marked by white line. If there are numbers or beside parking sopt. it is for LOCAL RESIDENTS ONLY

  • Fine

    Fine for violation of traffic law in Korea will be carged to LOTTE Rental. LOTTE Rental will charge additional fee to customers after use of rental cars.

딤(Dim)처리 배경
딤(Dim)처리 배경