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LOTTE Rent A Car Internet Homepage Terms and Conditions


  • Article 1 (Purpose)
    • These terms and conditions, concerned with using LOTTE Rent-A-Car Internet Homepage (Hereinafter, the "Homepage".) operated by LOTTE Rental Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter, the "Company".) and internet-related services (Hereinafter, the "Service".) provided by Homepage shall be aimed to provide for rights, responsibilities and obligations of the Company and the users.
  • Article 2 (Definitions)
    • ① The "Homepage" refers to the web site where goods and services are transacted via information and communication equipment, such as computers, in order for the Company to provide goods or services to the users. It also refers to the business holder who operates the Company.
    • ② A "User" refers to members or non-members who get connected to the Homepage and receive the Service provided by the Company.
    • ③ A "Member" refers to a person who, registered as a member by providing his(or her. The same hereinafter.) personal information to the Company, is entitled to receive the Service provided by the Company on a continuous basis.
    • ④ An "Associate Member" refers to a person who use the Service provided by the Company without being registered as Member.
  • Article 3 (Display and Amendment)
    • ① The Company shall display these Terms and Conditions together with trade name, location of the place of business, name of the representative, business registration number, contact number (phone, facsimile, e-mail address, etc.) on the initial service page of the Homepage so that they are viewable to the Users; provided that the contents of the Terms and Conditions may be on another page accessible via hyperlink.
    • ② The Company may amend these Terms and Conditions to the extent not in conflict with relevant laws and regulations such as but not limited to Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce etc., Act on Door-to-door Sales, etc., Act on Promotion of Utilization of Communication Network, Framework Act on Consumers.
    • ③ These Terms and Conditions shall be amendable from time to time. If finding it necessary to amend the Terms and Conditions, the Company shall post on its Home Page the contents amended and the effective date of such amendment at least 30 days prior to such effective date and notify the Users thereof in any one or more methods set forth below: provided that, if such amendment disfavors any Member, such notification shall allow probation period of 30 days or longer.
      • - e-mail
      • - SMS on cell phone
      • - Sending a written notice or announcement on flyers
      • - Posting within the Company’s premises
      • - Contact by phone using contact information provided by a Member at the time of subscribing membership.
    • ④ When the Company notifies the effective date and contents of such amendment to Members by means of e-mail or a written notice, it shall be sent to the e-mail address or mailing address that was provided most recently.
    • ⑤ In case of amendment of the Terms and Conditions, the Terms and Conditions as amended shall apply to any agreement signed after the effective date of such Terms and Conditions, whereas those agreements signed prior thereto shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions as before amendment. However, if the User fails to express whether to agree to the amendment in case where the Company has sent a notice stating, "if the User fails to express whether to agree to the amendment within a reasonable time, the Terms and Conditions as amended shall apply," or sending such notice has not been feasible for an unavoidable cause, those agreements signed before such amendment shall be subject to the Terms and Conditions as amended.
    • ⑥ Any Member opposed to the Terms and Conditions as amended may cancel his membership.
    • ⑦ Matters not provided for in these Terms and Conditions and interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws and regulations set forth in Paragraph ○2, the Guidelines for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce set forth by the Fair Trade Commission, and general commercial practices.
  • Article 4 (Provision of Service and Change)
    • ① The Company shall provide the following Services via Homepage:
      • 1. Online vehicle rental, provision of information on relevant Services and reservation for vehicle rental;
      • 2. Renting vehicles which have been reserved and related works; and
      • 3. Other Services provided by LOTTE Rent-A-Car.
    • ② In the event of closing of reservation, change of vehicle specification, or for any unavoidable cause, the Company may change the vehicle to be made available under an agreement that will be signed in the future. In such a case, the description of changed vehicles on rental and Services as well as the day they are available shall be posted seven (7) days prior to said day in the same place where the present vehicles on rental and contents of Services are posted; unless such posting is impossible for an unavoidable circumstances which the Company faces.
    • ③ In case of changing the contents of the Service to be provided by the Company under the contract with Users for causes such as closing of reservation of vehicles on rental or renewed technical specification, the Company shall not be liable to pay for the damage sustained thereby, if any.
    • ④ If necessary, the Company may add to or change the contents of the Service.
  • Article 5 (Suspension of Service)
    • ① The Company may temporarily suspend providing Service in the event of repair, inspection, replacement, or disorder of information communication facilities such as computers, or other communication shutoff.
    • ② The Company shall not be liable for any damage sustained by any User or third party due to temporary suspension of Service under Paragraph ○1; unless any intent or gross negligence on the part of the Company has been involved.


  • Article 6 (Membership Subscription)
    • ① A User can apply for subscription of a membership when he (or she. The same hereinafter.) gives his consent to these Terms and Conditions after filling in his basic member information either in a membership application form designated by the Company or in an online form obtained after such User has registered himself as a member in the Home Page.
    • ② A User’s pressing the button "I Agree" on the screen shall be deemed to constitute a lawful consent.
    • ③ Any person who desires to be a Member shall subscribe the membership in his real name and provide such information as required by the Company.
    • ④ The Company shall grant membership to those Users who filed application for membership under Paragraph ○1 unless such User falls into any of the following cases:
      • 1. The applicant has previously forfeited the membership under Article 7 (4) hereof; except where the Company approves of membership to be granted to the applicant again after three (3) years have passed since such forfeiture of the membership under Article 7 (4) hereof;
      • 2. The application contains any false information, omission or error;
      • 3. The applicant has bad credits; or
      • 4. Granting the applicant with membership is considered significantly adverse to the Company’s Service.
    • ⑤ Membership shall be deemed to be granted at the time the Company’s approval is communicated to the applicant.
    • ⑥ A Member shall promptly inform to the Company of any change of personal information such as but not limited to address, phone number, and e-mail, or amend the information as changed via Home Page or by means of wire or wireless notification. Members shall bear any disadvantage that may result from negligence in maintaining their personal information.
    • ⑦ No Member may assign, rent, or provide as security his membership to any third party.
  • Article 7 (Cancellation or Forfeiture of Membership)
    • ① A Member may at any time request the Company to cancel the membership, and the Company, when so requested, shall immediately process the cancellation of membership and delete the member’s grade and points; provided that information on customer and transactions shall be maintained before being destroyed for a certain period for which such information can be or shall be maintained pursuant to relevant laws or regulations such as the Commercial Code, Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.
    • ② After completion of membership cancellation, re-subscription of membership may be restricted for 30 days for the purpose of preventing wrongful use of beneficiary events exclusive for new members, etc.
    • ③ Membership shall be extinguished upon the Member’s death.
    • ④ The Company may, upon notice to the Member, cancel his membership if the Member:
      • 1. has provided false information or someone else’s name in application;
      • 2. is delinquent in making payment for vehicles rented via the Company or any other payment owed to the Company as a Member in connection with using the Service of the Company;
      • 3. interferes with someone else’s enjoyment of Service or misuse someone else’s information or otherwise jeopardize the order of electronic commerce;
      • 4. has committed an act forbidden by laws and regulations or these Terms and Conditions or any act in conflict with the society’s good moral or order by using the Company, Service, or the Company’s Home Page;
      • 5. has otherwise materially breached this Terms and Conditions; or
      • 6. has had his credit rating worsened significantly since subscribing the membership.
    • ⑤ Any Member who has forfeited his membership under Paragraph 4 shall be entitled to have his explanation heard within 90 days from the receiving the notice from the Company relating causes for membership forfeiture.
    • ⑥ In order to prevent wrongful use of the Service and any damage to any other Member, the Company will maintain information on a Member who has forfeited membership under Paragraph 4 for five (5) years from the final decision for such forfeiture, during which reapplication for membership and/or Service may be restricted.
  • Article 8 (Notice to Members)
    • ① The Company may send notice to Members by e-mail to the e-mail address that has been submitted by each Member. The methods and effect of notice set forth in Article 3 shall be applied mutatis mutandis to each individual or general notice prescribed by relevant provisions hereof.
    • ② For general notice to Members unspecified, the Company may post it on its Home Page for at least one (1) week, in lieu of individual notice; provided that the Company shall send individual notice with regards to matters materially affecting transactions of the particular Member.


  • Article 9 (Reservation Request)
    • ① Online at the Home Page.
      • 1. Enter name, address and phone number.
      • 2. Enter the day of car pick-up and return.
      • 3. Enter the place for car pick-up and return.
      • 4. Check the car to be rented, rental charge, and liability to compensate loss of use.
      • 5. Indicate that the User agrees to this Terms and Conditions.
      • 6. Give a confirmation of matters on reservation or consent to the Company’s confirmation thereof.
    • ② By phone.
  • Article 10 (Completion of Reservation)
    • ① The Company shall approve of reservation under Article 9 unless:
      • 1. The application contains false information, omission or error;
      • 2. It does not satisfy the following car rental requirements:
        • a. mainland-passenger car: over 21 years of age, international driving permit issued one (1) year or longer before / luxury car: over 21 years of age, international driving permit issued one (1) year or longer before / van with passenger capacity of 11 or more: over 21 years of age, international driving permit issued three (3) years or longer before;
        • b. Cheju- passenger car and luxury: over 21 years of age, international driving permit issued one (1) year or longer before / van with passenger capacity of 11 or more: over 21 years of age, international driving permit issued three (3) years or longer before; or
      • 3. It finds approval of the requested rental to be unreasonable due to closing of reservation of the car to be rented or change of car specification.
    • ② Reservation of car rental shall be deemed to be completed at the moment: when the window containing reservation number is shown to the User, in case of Home Page reservation; and when such reservation number is notified to the User over phone, in case of reservation by phone.
  • Article 11 (Notice of Confirmation / Change and Cancellation of Reservation)
    • ① Upon completion of reservation of car rental for a User, the Company will notify the User of confirmation of the reservation.
    • ② The user, if finding any inconsistency with his intention expressed for reservation, may request for change of matters on reservation or cancellation thereof after receipt of confirmation of reservation and at latest 24 hours prior to the scheduled car pick-up time.
    • ③ Upon receipt of a request from the User for change of matters on reservation or cancellation thereof at latest 24 hours prior to the scheduled car pick-up time, the Company shall process a change or cancellation as requested.
    • ④ If the User fails to show up at the relevant branch until the reserved time without having made a request for change or cancellation or otherwise contacted the Company, the User will forfeit the reservation as well as 1,000 points.
  • Article 12 (Cancellation of Reservation and Refund)
    • ① After completion of reservation, should the company be unable to deliver the car or provided the Service due to irregularity of the car or computer network or otherwise, the Company shall immediately notify the reason thereof to the User and proceed to terminate the Agreement within seven (7) days from receiving payment in case where the Company has already received payment, or, otherwise, from the day on which such reason took place.
    • ② In any of the following cases, the Company shall proceed with refund, return and exchange at the request of the User not later than the business day following the return of the car which has already been rented. In this connection, the period during which the User can make a request shall be from the day on which the car is delivered to the User until the scheduled day of returning the car.
      • 1. The reserved car does not conform to the request of the User or information provided by the Company; or
      • 2. The reserved car has damage or destruction; except where such damage or destruction is due to a cause for which the User is accountable.
    • ③ For car rental, the Company may request for the User’s personal credit information in lieu of a separate guarantee process. If the User does not give consent or the User’s credit fails to satisfy the Company’s criteria (default in payment, bad credit, etc.), the Company may cancel the car rental.
  • Article 13 (Domestic Reservation)
    • ① Time requirements for reservation shall be as follows:
      • 1. Reservation shall be made at least 24 hours prior to the day on which to rent the car.
      • 2. The coverage of reservation may be any period up to 60 days from the next day.
      • 3. The period for reservation shall be subject to change due to peak season or for any other reason, and the Company will post such change in its Web Site.
  • Article 14 (Overseas Reservation)
    • ① Time requirements for reservation shall be as follows:
      • ① To rent a car in an overseas country, reservation shall be made at least 48 hours in advance.
      • ② For cars and other Services overseas, the same provided by Hertz International will be provided.
      • ③ For overseas car rental, the Company takes reservation as an agent, bearing no liability in connection with use of the car on rental. It is Hertz Internationl that provides car rental service overseas.
      • ④ Once the business association with Hertz International expires, the Company may either terminate the reservation service for overseas car rental, or procure a new rental car service provider.


  • Article 15 (Payment Method)
    • ① Payment for reserved car rental or service shall be made in one of the following methods:
      • 1. credit card (mainland and Cheju); or
      • 2. point issued by the Company.
    • ② In making payment overseas pursuant to overseas car rental reservation, such payement shall, as with domestic payment process, be made by credit card approved by the Company.
  • Article 16 (Delinquency)
    • ① If the payment by credit card for car rental is overdue, the terms and conditions of the company of the credit card used by the User shall apply. If the Company is notified by the credit card company of invalidation or rejection of the card transaction, the Company will immediately suspend the User’s using Homepage (suspension of ID and password) and contact the User to confirm any alternative method to make payment.
    • ② If attempt at contact to the Member with such credit card fails or no such confirmation is made until a designated day, the Company will terminate or revoke the Agreement with the User and cancel his membership.


  • Article 17 (Application)
    • This Chapter shall apply to the Members of the Company.
  • Article 18 (Accumulated Days and Point Accreditation)
    • ①Members using LOTTE Rent-a-Car shall be entitled to accumulated number of rentals, each of which shall be counted one (1) upon one (1) rental incidence, regardless of the duration thereof.
    • ②With respect to point accreditation, Regular Members, Gold Members, and Double Gold Members shall be entitled to 5%, 7%, and 10% of the net rental charge, respectively.
  • Article 19 (Member Classes)
    • ① Regular Member - Member who completed process of subscribing membership on the Company's Home Page or at a branch.
    • ② Gold Member - Member who,after having subscribed as Regular Member, has recorded seven (7) or more rentals or 100,000 points or higher on an accumulated basis.
    • ③ Double Gold Member - Member who, after having subscribed as Regular Member, has recorded 40 or more rentals or 300,000 points or higher on an accumulated basis.
  • Article 20 (Use of Points, Correction, Cancellation and Extinction)
    • ①Those points which have been stored in excess of five (5) years since being initially accredited shall become extinguished automatically at the end of the month during which said five (5) years expires. The Company will so arrange that Members can view his points extinguishable at a relevant month in the Web Site.
    • ②The effective period of points, not accredited for the Member’s car rental, but provided additionally to the Member in marketing activities such as events held by the Company or an allied company shall be separately determined in line with the policy of the Company or the allied company, which will be posted in public.
    • ③In the event that the Member cancel the car rental and get refunded, his points shall be cancelled or re-credited.
    • ④When a Member uses his points, his points will be reduced in such a way that those points with the earliest expiration day will be extinguished first.
    • ⑤In no case a Member may transfer, lend or provide as security to a third party or otherwise dispose of his points.
    • ⑥In case of any error in connection with the accumulated points, the Member shall request the Company for correction within 60 days from the day on which such error took place, and the Company shall correct as requested within 60 days from the day of such correction; provided that the Member shall, if necessary, submit objective sources which can corroborate such error such as but not limited to receipts.
  • Article 21 (Matters to Check in Using Bonus)
    • ①Free use vouchers and other benefits of Members will be sent out after confirmation of the Company.
    • ②Free use vouchers and other coupons shall be sent out to the address of the Member as described in the Member information. Such vouchers and other coupons cannot be reissued and when they are lost and returned due to the Member’s negligence in maintenance of his information or delivery process, the Members shall bear the loss arising therefrom.
    • ③The privileges shall be inured only to the benefit of Members and no longer available to a Member once his membership is cancelled.
    • ④The effective period for various benefits shall be the period determined and notified by the Company.
    • ⑤The contents of the benefits shall be subject to change, suspension, or cancellation such as the Company’s mistake, error in description, providing benefits in substitution, addition or change of allied companies.


  • Article 22 (Protection of Personal Information)
    • ① The Company may collect information necessary for processing reservation of car rental. The following is the essential information, with others being optional.
      • 1. name;
      • 2. resident registration number (for a Member) or alien’s registration number;
      • 3. address;
      • 4. phone number;
      • 5. wished ID (for a Member);
      • 6. password (for a Member);
      • 7. e-mail address (or a cell phone number); and
      • 8. international driving permit.
    • ② In collecting personal information which identifies the User, the Company shall obtain consent of the User.
    • ③ The Company, subject to its liability in full, shall not use so collected personal information in any way not in conformity with the purpose hereof or provide such information to a third party without the User’s consent; except where:
      • 1. the Company discloses to an insurance company the minimum scope of personal information of the User that is essential for signing an insurance contract (name, address, phone number);
      • 2. such personal information is provided for the purpose of statistics, academic research or market study, in a way the User is not identifiable;
      • 3. such personal information is provided to the driver in connection with the car rental;
      • 4. it is required by laws or regulations;
      • 5. it is necessary for settling the rental charge under the car rental agreement; or
      • 6. it is necessary for identification purpose to prevent using with stolen identity.
    • ④ Where the Company needs to obtain consent of the User under Paragraph 2 and 3, the Company shall in advance state clearly or display publicly matters set forth in Article 22(1), 24-2(1) of Act on Promotion of Utilization of Communication Network and Information Protection, such as the identification of the person in charge of personal information (department, name, phone number or other contact information), the purpose of information collection, and matters in connection with providing information to a third party (information receiver, the purpose of providing information, and the contents of information), subject to User’s cancellation of such consent at any time.
    • ⑤ The User may at any time demand viewing or correction of error of his personal information possessed by the Company, which the Company shall comply with immediately. If the User demands that an error be corrected, the Company will not use the relevant information until such error is corrected.
    • ⑥ The Company or any third party who has received personal information from the Company shall immediately destroy such information, once the purpose for collecting or receiving such information has been accomplished.
    • ⑦ The Company will maintain personal information possessed by the Company unless additionally contested by the Member.
  • Article 23 (Company’s Obligations)
    • ① The Company shall not commit any act prohibited by these Terms and Conditions or any act in conflict with the society’s good moral and order, and shall make the best endeavors to provide Service in a continuous and stable manner hereunder.
    • ② The Company shall equip itself with appropriate security system to protect the Users’ personal information (including credit information) so that the Users may use the Service (including the Internet) safely.
    • ③ The Company will not send out promotional e-mail to those Users who dislike receiving it.
  • Article 24 (Safekeeping of ID and Password)
    • ① Each member shall be responsible for safekeeping of his/her ID and password.
    • ② No member shall allow a third party to use his/her own ID and password.
    • ③ If it is brought to the notice of a member that his/her ID and password is stolen or being used by a third party, the member shall notify the Company thereof and comply with the Company’s instruction, if any given.
  • Article 25 (User’s Obligations)
    • ① The User shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations, matters set forth in these Terms and Conditions, and other guidelines or attention points instructed by the Company, and shall not engage in any act to interfere with the Company’s normal business process.
    • ② In applying for subscription of membership, the User shall fill in the application form with honesty and good faith and shall correct any changed matter to the truth. The User shall be liable for any issues which may arise due to his neglect of such correction.
    • ③ The User shall not commit any of the following acts:
      • 1. entering false information upon application or correction
      • 2. changing information displayed in the Homepage
      • 3. transmitting or posting information other than determined by the Company (computer program, etc.)
      • 4. infringement to intellectual property or copyright of the Company or any other third party
      • 5. any act causing defamation of or interference with business of the Company or a third party
      • 6. display or post in the Homepage obscene or violent message, pictures, or sound or any information running afoul of society’s good moral, tradition, or order.
      • 7. any act which the Company finds inappropriate such as providing misleading information.
    • ④ In the event that any information set forth in each subparagraph of the foregoing Paragraph or any information which the Company regards as inappropriate for operating the mall is displayed in Hompage or any site linked from the Homepage, the Company may at its discretion delete such information posted in the Homepage or inactivate such link; provided that the Company shall not be obliged to conduct such deletion of information or inactivation of such link.


  • Article 26 (Relationship between Homepage and Web Site to be Connected)
    • ① When the Homepage and another web site are connected via hyperlink (by letter, picture or video or in any other form), such web site shall be referred to as the connected web site.
    • ② The Company shall provide no guarantee covering any transaction with the User by means of the goods or services independently provided by the connected web site.
  • Article 27 (Copyright Ownership and Restriction on Use)
    • ① The Company shall be the rightful owner of copyright or any other intellectual property of all the works produced by the Company.
    • ② Without the Company’s prior consent, the User shall not copy, transmit, publish, distribute, broadcast or otherwise use or allow a third party to use the information obtained through the Company, Service or the Home Page for any profit-oriented purpose.
  • Article 28 (Dispute Resolution)
    • ① The Company will establish and operate a damage compensation processing team to reflect User’s feedback or complaint and compensate for any damage suffered by the User.
    • ② The Company shall immediately process feedback or complaint from Users; provided that, if instant processing is not feasible, the Company will notify the User of the reason and schedule for processing.
  • Article 29 (Jurisdiction and Governing Law)
    • ① Any lawsuit arising from a dispute between the Company and the User shall be filed in the court having jurisdiction over the address of the Company or the branch.
    • ② The law of the Republic of Korea shall govern the lawsuits between the Company and the User.
  • Copyright of these Terms and Conditions shall belong to the Company. Any unauthorized copy, reproduction, transmission or any other type of copyright infringement shall be hereby prohibited.
  • [Opinion] Articles 1 and Article 2 of the Special Provisions shall be relocated to Article 15 (2) and Article 14 (3), respectively.
  • 1. Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information
    • To sign up for a new membership
  • 2. Items of Personal Information to be Collected and Used
    • Customer’s name, nationality, phone number, email address, date of birth, ID, Password
  • 3. Period of Retention and Disposal
    • Please be advised that the collected information will be disposed of without delay after being stored for 5 years from the last activity date.

You have the right to refuse consent, but you will not be able to sign up.

The authentication number is only valid for 1 hour after sending
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